Wheels not Wings

Start: Freiburg, Germany. Stopover: Girona, Catalonia. Destination: Madrid, Spain.
After two bus journeys lasting over twenty-one hours in total, I am happy to have arrived. I am also quite content with how my journey went and would not hesitate to choose wheels over wings if I had to do the same again. It is not that I don’t like planes – I do like them, but found that there are several excellent reasons for going by bus.

Most obvious are the practical reasons – the bus station in Freiburg is a lot closer and generally easier to access than the airport and one is spared the hassle of the luggage being weighed or controlled. Then it is better for one’s purse, since it usually turns out to be cheaper, especially since no extra fee for luggage is charged. If one happens to know people along the way, the long journey can be split into two and one can have the additional joy of seeing friends again.

and the church we passed by became a fortified castle in my mind, where a fire spitting dragon held captive a young princess, only to be rescued by…well, not me – I’m no knight in shining armor.
so I imagine myself, mounted on a faithful steed and holding a rusty weapon…galloping forth to battle against the monstrous windmills…

Yet what really counts, is the experience itself. A renowned company I had the pleasure of traveling with put it this way “Hay experiencias que sólo puedes vivir viajando en bus” and I agree with them whole heartedly. It is not all about the final destination, but about all that happens along the way. You never know what might happen, whom you might encounter…For me the experiencias consisted in meeting interesting fellow travelers and enjoying conversations with them, watching the landscape change and taking time to think about what I was leaving behind and where I was heading…listening to music, reading a book, stopping at various stations along the way to use the loo and stretch my legs, writing sms, listen to an interesting sermon on growth – the end of which I lamentably missed because I fell asleep – and eating apples, candy and sandwiches I had taken with me. Ok, so my adventures don’t quite compare to those the advertisement suggests…but then it also says “imagine what yours might be” – so I will simply substitute whatever was boring for something more exciting out of my imagination…


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