Surprising Diagnosis

Having successfully arrived in Madrid, unpacked my luggage, cleaned and rearranged my room and enjoyed spending time with my flatmate and her friends, I felt as if I was walking through the streets with my eyes wide open, like a little child anxious to discover the surroundings and full of excitement and curiosity. Then came a sudden change of sentiments. A strange ache, a wistful sadness, and the longing to chat with my family or a close friend. Surprised, I pondered these symptoms and tried to find an explanation. It did not take me long to realize, that despite the great time I was having, I seemed to miss my friends and family and was wishing I could share my experiences with them. At first I thought it odd, that I could be so happy and yet feel like…there was something missing. But then it struck me, that this diagnosis is not really negative – it only means that I can be thankful to have these awesome people in my life that are so important to me, that I think of them even when on vacation or on the brink of a new adventure…and thanks to technology, its actually quite possible to “drop by for a chat” sometime =)


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