The drink YOU need!

Tuesday, my first day in Madrid – I woke up thinking, “what will I do today?” Well, I certainly did not expect to remain indoors with a throbbing headache, unsuccessfully trying to sleep and throwing up twice…What’s going on? My flatmate was kind enough to get me some Ibuprofen and tried to encourage me to eat, but the thought of food just made me feel sick again…Convinced that my headache would surely last the entire year I was to spend in Madrid made me all the more determined to change this unpleasant situation . Reflecting on what I had done the last few days and consulting the family medical expert via telephone, brought me to the following conclusions:

  1. I had just had a rather long and tiring journey
  2. The temperature was around 40° which meant I should be avoiding the heat outside and drinking plenty
  3. I had been eating mostly bread and fruit, not much supplying salts or minerals
  4. I had been content with my bottle of tap water and not yet discovered the drink I needed…
if you ever feel dehydrated, thirsty after doing sports in the burning heat or just in need of the ideal refreshment after losing too much fluid, you simply HAVE to try these! You’ll feel better in no time =)

Of course these conclusions did not leave me idle – I went out and bought several things that turned out to be THE SOLUTION!

a) a packet of instant noodle soup (when you feel like nothing will stay in your tummy, try this – it tastes great, contains salt and renews your energy!)
b) apples, bananas and oranges – fruit is always a good idea =)
c) and most importantly, two drinks that do so much more than just quench your thirst…


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