About Family and holidays

You can’t choose them, you can’t change them, you might get upset with them but you can’t really get rid of them either. They’re your family. For my part, I feel blessed to have my wonderful parents, four awesome brothers and two lovely sisters. You grow up with them, go to school with them or enjoy the summer breaks together…and then comes the day when you’re all grown up and leave home. Its like the start of a new era – adulthood (though I still feel awkward using that term when referring to myself…) Having left the nest over five years ago, I still love spending time with my family and its always special when we’re all nine of us together. They’re a blessing. But being separated a lot, I’ve found that God has provided me with really great people that welcomed me like family in the new places I’ve gone. People that invited me for a meal, offered their help, opened their homes or were just there for me. Here in Madrid, I am so grateful to know my flatmate Andrea and her family and wonder what I would do without them. They invited me to join them for a vacation near the beach and the fun days together reminded me of my own family and our crazy vacations. Somehow there’s something different about packing the car and going on holiday all together…

  1. you spend the car ride singing silly songs, playing random games, telling funny stories, trying to sleep and stopping for picnics…
  2. you sleep in strange places like a hammock or in my case on the balcony (better than any fan or air conditioner!)
  3. you eat way too much…so many good things! And are brave enough to try something exotic…like mussels or huge shrimps and little fishies (that seem to be looking at you with their little eyes)
  4. you laugh a lot…then laugh some more =)
  5. you don’t get much sleep
  6. you go on outings like…to the beach and build sandcastles (though I didn’t get around to it this time) or to strange waters for a mud bath (see Image Nr. 9)
  7. you arrive back home and need a rest from your vacation =)

So here’s a toast to family and those memorable holidays together! Y MUCHISIMAS GRACIAS a Andrea y su familia, fue genial =)


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