Only the best for your skin

 For decades people have been coming to Lo Pagan on the coast of Mar Menor. It is not that the beach there is so much more breathtaking or the water more refreshing – the great attraction, is the mud. One might wonder why anyone would bathe in a lake that smells like rotten eggs and where a strange gooey substance oozes between your toes as you walk in the water…

I went to find out and can honestly say that the journey is worth it! This gooey mud works wonders…so here are eight excellent reasons for going to Lo Pagan

  1. its a great excuse to cover yourself from head to toe with mud (better take a friend to tell you which spots you missed)
  2. it’s an excellent opportunity for throwing mud at your friends if you’ve ever felt the urge to do so…lots of fun I find =)
  3. you can take funny pictures =)
  4. the water is warm so if you’re feeling cold, just jump right in

    People enjoying the mud and waters of Lo Pagan
  5. the water and mud smell pretty bad, so if you suffer from an unpleasant body odour, no one will notice – its almost like deodorant…
  6. the mud contains lots of potassium, calcium, magnesium, fluoride, sulphur and chlorine and works better than any skin cream or peeling…makes you look ten years younger and get rids of your skin problems*
  7. there’s a little restaurant with yummy overpriced ice cream
  8. The view is rather pleasant =)

*no guarantee offered, the effect may vary depending on skin type, pH, weight, height, favourite colour and average amount of chocolate given away to friends in a month


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