Rather German?

The “fila” in front of the “oficina de relaciones internacionales”

Today was registration day. Well, sort of – we are supposed to register at the University between the 3rd and something of September and what do you know, I was there today. Two of my fellow students from Freiburg did the same and we wondered if our eagerness and early arrival had anything to do with our being German. They say that going abroad makes you more patriotic and more aware of those typical traits of your country. Thinking it over, I guess I have noticed that:

  1. I like being organised, even if I am still chaotic sometimes and not exactly punctual, but there’s something lovely in organising, making lists, having schedules and calendars…even if I don’t always stick to them. I realised that was not very Spanish when my flatmate marvelled at the plans I was making for showing some friends the city. I even tried out a guided tour and went to check out a museum. She asked me if all Germans would plan a holiday like that – trying to make the most of their time to see the city. Is that very German?
  2. I like the pan, jamón y cerveza. The Spanish bread, ham and beer. Sounds pretty German – except that I do miss the German bread occasionally. As much as I love white bread, especially when its fresh, and as much as I would recommend a slice of that bread with a bit of garlic, salt, tomato and olive oil  – I wouldn’t mind a good loaf of German bread once in a while. It doesn’t have to be “Schwarzbrot”, but a few more seeds than the Spanish “pan integral” would be nice.

So who knows what other German traits I will discover in me during my stay here…and what Spanish traits I will adopt. I have already conformed a lot to the daily routine and even managed to eat dinner at previously unimaginable hours like 10pm or even midnight…and that after just two weeks. What will happen in ten months? I am excited to be here and have a feeling its gonna be a great year full of opportunities to learn in and out of classes. To grow as I experience a new country, culture, language and to have a good time =)


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