Passierschein A 38

so this is where I will be spending most of my time for the next ten months…

I always loved reading Asterix and Obelix comics or watching the cartoon movies when I was a kid and the last three days, I almost felt as though I was experiencing what these guys went through trying to obtain Permit A38 in “the place that sends you mad”. I went from one office to the next with paper work, questions, photocopies, more questions and thankfully some helpful answers. To be fair, the instructions I had received by E-mail were good and valid, so maybe the comparison is not quite justified… And then I am one of those weird people who actually reads all that lovely information given, eager to get it all right and anticipating the start of classes…that helped me to be somewhat prepared and not entirely lost. I suppose that whenever one is obliged to fill out what feels like a ton of forms, has to wait in line during various office hours and must manage to coordinate a lot of schedules – it just seems like a hopeless bureaucratic chaos, no matter how organised it actually is. So having successfully matriculated myself in the faculty of biology, a few days remain to relax and to enjoy the city with some visiting friends (will pick you up at the airport tonight!) as I look forward to Monday and the begin of my studies =)

Some tips for anyone considering to study at the UAM – make sure you:
1) bring along your passport and a photocopy
2) copy of your insurance
3) the printed out “Declaracion” stating you’re insurance covers the extent of your stay
4) try to figure out your schedule beforehand, its kinda complicated to find the timetables but he who seeks will find =)
5) it really does help to read the instructions they send you…
and you can download a map of the huuuuge campus on the UAM website and ask friendly people for directions if you get lost  =)


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