las Hoces del Río Duratón

I’m sure that most people I have the pleasure of being acquainted with would agree that I talk rather a lot – and like to talk. But sometimes there are moments when I find myself without words to express what I’m feeling, what I want to say – maybe because the sensation is unfamiliar, or difficult to describe, or maybe there is actually no need to say anything.   So I just enjoy the moment. Looking calm and composed – or more often than not with a huge smile on my face.

en la sierra

As the weekend comes to a close I can’t help calling the past two days pretty much perfect, no matter how cheesy that sounds. I consider myself lucky to have experienced an amazing two-day excursion with the ornithological group of my university and have learned so much, seen so much and met so many friendly people…fue genial!

Looking out for birds in the fields

What a privilege to spend hours outside marvelling at God’s beautiful creation; to walk with people that have such a vast knowledge of the flora and fauna we encounter and are more than willing to share that knowledge with us; to sense that freedom of being out in the middle of nowhere with trees, mountains, valleys and to give yourself some space to breathe, to clear your head. And of course – what a privilege to get to know other nature-enthusiasts – to walk, chat, laugh, bird-watch together – thanks for a wonderful time! I wont forget it =)

El buitre leonado (Gyps fulvus)

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