For me going to the cinema has always been a special experience. Its not just about the movie – its all of it. The planning, the going there, wondering what the film will be like… And I don’t go to see just any random production – usually the suggestion arises because some film is coming out that one simply has to see on a big screen. Like “Lord of the Rings” or “Pirates of the Caribbean”. I received a free ticket for “Nanga Parbat” and those breathtaking shots of the Himalayas were incredible to view in the cinema!
And then, cinema being an experience, I don’t like going alone. It’s something to be shared…The smell of popcorn as you enter…the sitting in those comfortable chairs – in a room with so many people but all eyes glued to the screen…the desire to say something – but PLEASE no running commentary! You can always talk about it afterwards if you feel the need to do so. But even if you don’t – at least there’s someone else that’s there with you, immersed in the same story…the same experience. Sometimes I’ve gone as a means of doing something fun with my kid cousins – going to see Ice Age or Despicable Me =) Once in a while it serves as an outing with friends who, like me, believe that watching animation movies has nothing to do with one’s age…we went to see what almost seemed like an ad for frying pans (I bought one the next day…just kidding)

So I’d spent three months in Madrid without going to the cinema and without feeling the urge to do so – when three of my siblings in Germany, one by one, mentioned their plan of going to see a certain film (something about betrayal and espionage…) It suddenly occurred to me, that I could do the same. Problem being – I really do prefer seeing the original version…watching the trailer in Spanish only confirmed that feeling. So what do I do? I asked a couple of Spanish-speaking friends, but they were not too keen…I considered going on my own, but then – that would be rather dull…No one there with you – well, at least no one you know – to witness those so very realistic action scenes as you ask yourself if what you’re seeing is real and whether there’s anyone besides the hero protagonist who could possibly survive so many life threatening ordeals in such a short amount of time…

Lucky for me, I did find someone to go with – and even though I knew him barely longer than all the others there with us – it was fun to share the cinema experience and that weird sensation at the end, when the credits roll, the lights turn on and you tell yourself its time to exit and to head back to the real world…

Feel free to comment on film’s cinema-worthiness/going solo or whatever you feel like sharing =)


2 thoughts on “Cinema

  1. Rahel, going to the movies (cinema) is something I love doing whenever I go back to Oz for a holiday. I try and go see Aussie or arthouse style movies that I’d never get on DVD here. Plus I actually really like going alone! I never buy popcorn – but usually a coffee or an icecream! I love going to the old style cinemas.

    1. That’s true, there must be lots of movies that are practically unavailable outside Australia…and I’m all for old style cinemas – and for ice cream =) and tho you like going alone you’ll have to take me if I ever end up in Aussieland for a visit =) hehe

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