A sleepless linguist’s musings…

Not being able to fall asleep I was lying in bed thinking about a lot of different things that were on my mind. Last weekend. My siblings planning to visit over Christmas. University. My blog. My family. My relationship with God. Suddenly I wondered what it would be like if an angel were to visit my room to give me a message from God. Would he be bright and shining or look like a normal person? Would I be scared? Surprised?
And then – in which language would he speak to me? English, German or Spanish? Funny how that question should arise. I’m sure that in such a situation I would be SO amazed I would not even pay attention to the language…
In the end no angel came. But though I wouldn’t mind such an experience, I hope I learn to be so tuned in to God’s voice, that I can hear him in the midst of my daily life even without a special messenger…


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