Buying time

The other day I was checking out a friend’s blog and came across a post with the promising title “how to make money”. Needless to say that I read it right away! His advice was different than I expected though – instead of looking for more income, he challenged the way I was using the income I had. It’s an obvious truth that NOT going out to eat four times a week will save you money! The idea was not new to me, but it struck me that I should apply the same principle to how I use my time. Have you ever felt that your day just did not have enough hours? Ever wished you could buy a load of time at the supermarket along with all the groceries? I’m sure the first person who manages to sell time will be a millionaire within days! I’m gonna focus on SAVING time for starters – but no worries, I’m not asking for money – I’m offering you my thoughts for free!

So here’s the deal – do you REALLY need…
1. to spend so much time on the web? Be it surfing randomly, working through mails, uploading pictures, stalking friends on a certain popular social networking site…or reading blogs =)
2. to see EVERY episode of your favourite series…?

And that’s when I ran out of ideas. I found it difficult to think of more unnecessary-time-consumers that could apply to the general public. I could add some of my own specialities, like
3. to invest so much time in cooking meals…?
4. To play basketball/go to the gym/go swimming for hours on end?
5. Devote time and energy to making to-do lists you don’t intend to follow…? (well, it’s a good first step to organizing one’s time =) but making the goals realistic helps!)
But then that’s pretty specific…I could also make up more like
6. to trim your lawn with a nail clipper
7. to mess up your room – only means you’ll have to tidy it later
but I feel that’s hardly helpful…In the end I suppose I will just throw the challenge out there and everyone may think for themselves why their time seems to run out again and again and what they could do about it. Our days have 24 hours and it’s time we get used to it =)

Feel free to comment with your own suggestions and let me know if you do manage to find some magical fountain of time…


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