A piece of cake…

Piece_of_cakeArriving back in Madrid last Sunday (after my exciting diving experience), we were all a bit tired and eager to be home. Just that someone had to return the car we had rented for the weekend…Eager to be of service and also eager to get a chance to drive, I offered to do it. Another German girl was willing to be co-pilot and to assist me with her map-containing smart phone. So one of the guys briefly explained the route to me – sounded like I just had to go straight for a while and then turn right etc. and would easily find it…piece of cake! We said our goodbyes and the adventure began! It didn’t take long for me to stop following the instructions I’d been given, since it appears that Madrid is full of one-way streets with “no entry” signs!

I’m sure we took an hour to find the place – and I took advantage of the drive by:

  • confusing other cars (not sure how but I’m sure I did…)
  • driving down the narrowest streets we could find
  • going way slow not to annoy the people behind me but because we were trying to figure out where to turn next with the maze of streets we couldn’t enter…
  • going down a one-way street without realising
  • entering the garage on the exit side because a truck was parked in front of the entrance

At some point the thought did occur to us that they couldn’t have chosen anyone better to do the job: Two German ERASMUS students who are both expert drivers and experts when it comes to the streets of Madrid…but then, we had a lot of fun, ended up being successful AND learned lots about driving in Madrid so the effort was well worth it and the adventure will not soon be forgotten =)


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