ScrabbleAfter almost four months in Spain I have passed another milestone in language learning: tonight I played scrabble against my flatmate and won for the first time!!!
You cannot imagine how happy that made me feel…even though I know it was kind of cheap, since I was allowed to double-check a few words in the dictionary…but that’s not the point – it just made me happy because we both love scrabble and I feel like at last I am a somewhat worthy opponent…

So thinking about my whole Spanish learning process I’m just amazed at how the human brain works and how it is actually possible to pick up a language bit by bit – studying the grammar helps but most important is learning vocabulary and being immersed in a native speaker environment. Of course I still make plenty of mistakes and have a foreign accent! But looking back a year or so I can only be thankful for the progress I’ve made and honestly think it’s God’s doing. I’m not that studious, I just love to talk so that’s what made me learn…but before I came to Spain the first time in January I told God – ok, I’ve got two months to learn this language, HELP me please! And he did. And he keeps doing so now. And the more I’m here the more I’m falling in love with Spanish…and Spain. Even though I must say that it isn’t always such a romantic language – that’s what I first thought when I started learning in high school – but here I realize that the amount of swear words one can incorporate in one sentence is incredible! And apparently it’s normal. But maybe that’s a University thing…I’ve already made a mental list of words I need to know to understand my friends but will not be teaching my future students =)
But maybe I will have them play scrabble…It’s a great game for learning new vocab =)


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