Let’s run this race!

RaceI love being spontaneous. Most of the time. There remain some things which I must plan beforehand or for which I must prepare myself beforehand – like a marathon! It is a dream of mine to cross a marathon finish line one day – and my first step towards that goal is running a half-marathon in April. Not quite true – the first step is registering. Well, actually – the first step is that first time I started running with the goal of reaching 10km, the more than double distance of the half-marathon in mind and feeling like the hour of truth had come, praying for strength and perseverance…And happy as pie afterwards! But running 10km once still isn’t enough to ensure I can run 21km on the day of the race! I talked to the gym monitor and asked for advice and he told me to run every day – since the muscles need 12 hours to regenerate, there wouldn’t be a problem. Every day?! Well…I do like to run – but EVERY DAY? And 10km? He suggested running half an hour with intervals of running and sprinting. If I preferred I could also go running every second day and do leg work-outs in the gym the other days. Well, I did ask for his advice. I’m not even sure what the problem is – I like to run, I want to run – he’s telling me to run. I suppose it’s just that my casual hobby suddenly feels more serious and demands more commitment. Demands more effort. More time. But then I have to decide what I want – if my goal is finishing that half-marathon without collapsing part of the way…I should take it seriously.

I guess its kind of like that in life too – my goal determines how I run and the training whether I persevere to the end. The difference being that life is race and preparation at the same time – with episodes of each intertwining as we move forward. So what training? For my part, my manual is the Bible and my coach is Jesus. I can’t think of any example better following than how HE lived while here on earth! And he’s more than an example – he’s God almighty, perfect Saviour, my best friend, who gave his life for me. Deciding to train with him is something serious. It’s more than a casual hobby. Demands commitment. Demands effort. Demands time. But then I have to decide what I want – and I want Jesus. I want to spend eternity with him in heaven. I want to get to know him better. I want to run the race of life with HIM – he’s SO worth it!

(credit for the featured image original goes to my mom =) though edited by me)


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