Delightful inconvenience

Río Manzanares(following attempt at poetry is not to be taken too seriously)

I so wanted to go for a run
despite the cold and lack of sun
so trainers on and off I went
out the door, around the bend
yet forgotten had I in my zeal
that I’d only just enjoyed a meal
and by the time I reached the river
I felt a strangeness in my liver
soon realising what was at fault
I gave up the run and slowed down to a stroll
what disappointment, oh what a shame!
Frustrated I was, with only myself to blame!

Yet what surprise of pleasant nature
I began to enjoy my little adventure
for walking leisurely, walking slow
I noticed the city lights aglow
and pretty reflections in the water
laughing children, an inline skater
some birds in the sky and some happily swimming
a group of boys walking by, grinning
the beautiful cathedral and palace grand
a couple walking hand in hand
a boy chasing after a bright orange football
the old train station and busy shopping mall
so much to see, so much to enjoy
things I would never have noticed, just running by…

Additional note: Maybe I would have enjoyed the sights running too, but I would surely have missed a lot. It made me think of how hectic our lives sometimes are and how its so important to slow down once in a while and to just savour the moment, enjoy the view instead of always rushing by…

I did end up running on the way back home though which was fun and just as beautiful since by then it was dark and even more lights were on so the bridges along the river and a lot of the buildings looked rather pretty =)


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