Jesus I love youWhen I’m in the city centre sharing what God has done in my life or passing out post cards with a message and people I talk to ask me why I’m telling them about Jesus, my answer is usually, “Porque estoy enamorada de Jesús” (because I’m in love with Jesus).
Today we sang a song in my church with the chorus “Yo quiero enamorarme más de ti” (I want to fall more in love with you). I love that song and thinking about what it typically means to be falling in love with someone I realised that yes, I am in love with Jesus – but being more in love is definitely possible!
I shall claim that there are various stages of falling in love and will illustrate three:

  1. That first time you notice him, be it a word, a glance, a smile – something catches your attention, but you don’t yet pass sleepless nights on account of him.
  2. Gradually your interest increases, you’re glad whenever you see him or might even find yourself thinking about him now and then or reflecting on what he said…
  3. And then comes a phase in which you can’t stop thinking about him…get on your friends’ nerves because you keep mentioning him…think everything he does is so amazing, are thrilled just to be in the same room with him and count the hours if not minutes until you see him again…

Do I feel that way about Jesus? Do I really long to spend every moment with him? Or is it more like once in a while?
But then, I do spend every moment with him – only am I as aware of that as I would be aware of the presence of a guy who’d caught my fancy? Or have I known him for too long and so the feeling has worn off? No, with Jesus the more time I spend with him, the more I fall in love with him and the more I want to be with him! If my love grows cold, it’s because I haven’t been investing in the relationship, because I’ve stood him up on too many dates. But I want to get to know him better, want my love to grow – to be as evident as being head over heels in love…so I’ll keep singing, “Jesús, quiero enamorarme más de ti!”


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