Half Time

My first week of the new semester was lab work for Plant Physiology =)
My first week of the new semester was lab work for Plant Physiology – we three worked together =)

The exams are over and the first week of the new semester has passed. It’s half time – I’ve already spent six months in Madrid and while my first semester had many ups and downs and some frustrating or stressful moments, I look forward to the remaining months and trust that they will be good. Looking back to September and my “New Year’s resolutions” I find I managed to fulfil some and intend on altering others. (In the following list I am going through what I posted in September New Year’s Resolutions)

  1. Punctuality challenge remains =) sometimes managed, other times didn’t – though I must say I’m glad the Spanish culture is not so very punctual…
  2. Coming to class prepared – was tricky because there was little time outside of class, but still a good idea of course. Did learn a lot of vocab though =) This one will change because I intend to study more at home this semester – I had too many classes last semester and have to change my priorities. Since the important thing is to learn the subject matter I need to weigh up how much I’m learning in class and the classes in which I don’t really learn much by attendance I will study independently. New resolution would thus be to be disciplined in studying on my own!
  3. Grammar – I actually did learn quite a bit about Grammar this past semester due to my Spanish Grammar course. Hopefully that knowledge will continue to increase…
  4. Flora and Fauna – in my Flora Ibérica course I learned a lot about the plants of the region, but still need to learn lots more so that point remains on the list!
  5. Sports – that resolution was fulfilled =) I regularly played basketball, went swimming and to the gym and am currently training for that dream of a half-marathon in April =)
  6. Language = Culture – also fulfilled, learned a lot of Spanish and a lot about culture – but of course that is something where you can ALWAYS learn more! Cultural differences never cease to surprise me!!!
  7. Travel…fulfilled =) and just like I had intended – travel a bit but not every weekend so as not to miss out on normal Madrid life. I had the chance to go to Almeria, Tabarca, Girona, Toledo and a couple of villages…still lots of places left to see though…but no hurry, could always come back on holiday =)
  8. Communication…personal communication was a bit of a disaster I suppose…I wrote little and didn’t send a single postcard despite the hundreds I’d promised…I was faithful in writing my blog though =) but aim for the next months would be to get rid of the stack of unwritten postcards in my drawer…
  9. Last but definitely not least – I want to honour God during my time here because HE is the one that brought me here and the reason for my studies and everything! Hard to judge on this one, but I do try to put God first and honour him with my life in Spain. Definitely been exciting seeking his will lately and am looking forward to discover what will come next in my walk with HIM =) Remains on the list.

Thanks for accompanying me on my journey =)


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