Alemania – a birthday holiday!

Birthday Breakfast =)Sitting in the metro on my way home from the airport on the Sunday before last I was so tired my eyes were falling shut. It seemed so normal to be back that I almost felt like my week holiday in Germany had been a dream…how full my week had been – and how fast it had gone by! It had been great to see so many friends and some of my family too. Great to walk the beautiful streets of Freiburg and to eat yummy German food of the region like Flammkuchen and Maultaschen…Had been incredible to show my two Colombian friends Andrea and Clara “my city”. Had been encouraging to tell people what I’ve been experiencing in Madrid and what God is doing in Spain – and to hear from them what is happening in Freiburg! And strange but funny was that for the first time ever, I celebrated my birthday three days in a row!

Thursday 31st January: the actual day – I turned 24 would you believe it! Somehow that makes me feel rather old and almost inclined to accept the fact that people tend to call me “woman” rather than girl…does that make me an adult? Celebrated with an amazing birthday breakfast prepared by my sister (family tradition), trip to the beautiful Titisee, afternoon tea in a café with cake and hot chocolate with a bunch of friends and a late night Scottish dance at the Isle of Innisfree!

Friday 1st February: the official party – to see as many people as possible, I’d invited all sorts of friends to come have waffles for afternoon tea. Friends from church, Bible study group, Biology, English etc…was a funny mix but lots of fun =) And I just love waffles. Waffles with hot cherries…ice cream…chocolate spread and banana and cream…cinnamon and sugar…so many delicious possibilities!!! A big thanks to those lovely guests who were willing to supervise the waffle makers! =)

Saturday 2nd February: Family gathering – since a large part of my mother’s family lives in Steinen/Loerrach close to Freiburg, I headed that way on Saturday to celebrate with my brother, sister, grandmother, aunts, uncles and cousins! Another afternoon tea – a great German tradition – with Apfelstrudel, ice cream, cake and my version of a Colombian sweet bread filled with guava jam called roscón =) Thanks goes to my brother for being willing to host in his new apartment and for all his and my sister’s help! =)

TitiseeReturning to Madrid I realised that celebrating my birthday in Germany had deprived me of an excellent excuse to invite my Colombian family here for a meal…So last Saturday I celebrated AGAIN with a meal and an amazing 3-layer chocolate cake contributed by one of my guests =) I once again realised how blessed I am to have a family here in Madrid and friends who have just shown me so much love and accepted me as part of their family. I hope I may do the same for others!

I also feel blessed to have had so many friends to celebrate with in Germany and am thankful for the past 24 years and all that God has done in my life so far! It certainly hasn’t been boring and He’s been faithful throughout – I do not hesitate to also commit the coming years into HIS hands and want to continue to trust in HIM and seek HIS will for my life.


One thought on “Alemania – a birthday holiday!

  1. Greetings from Australia,
    I really enjoyed reading through your blog; it made me smile and filled my heart with joy. Germany is one of my favourite travel destinations along with France. Take great care, a belated Happy Birthday and above all God bless you in ever way

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