The train station near my new home - rather nice to have it be so close
The train station near my new home – rather nice to have it be so close

One thing that we cannot avoid in life is change. Sometimes it comes when it is desired, other times we want nothing more than for things to stay the same – but our influence has it’s limits! It always fascinates me how humans tend to need a certain routine and develop habits which soon become hard to break…are comfortable with what is familiar and nervous to try something new – but then also need change or even go looking for it! And sooner than you know it – maybe after protesting a little while – you’ve grown accustomed to the change and might even dare to admit that it was for the better!

Why am I so fascinated by change? Well my life has been full of it, I suppose that is one reason – how what was once a home over time becomes merely a fond memory and the strange place you didn’t feel comfortable in at first suddenly seems cosy and familiar…how strangers come into your life and leave it again as friends you’ve grown to hold so dear…how tastes change as you learn to convince your taste buds that spice is a good thing and that daal, tuna and mango are delicious! (Hasn’t worked for olives or coffee so far…) How you begin to learn a language and are proud of saying “Hello, my name is…” and months or years later smile at your old homework or diary entries with all their mistakes…

I have had a few big and little changes come up lately – some of which have affected my life a lot, others not so much – but here they are:

  1. I moved house! Big change that – and it took me a while to get used to it. The first six months I shared a lovely flat with my Colombian friend, Andrea. It was great and I really had no reason to think of moving – but around Christmas I began to feel God challenging me to take a step of faith and move closer to the city centre and even specifically with whom. On the one hand I didn’t want to give up my room, my part of town, was sad to think of seeing my flatmate and her family less and also practically speaking was a bit worried about being able to pay for a room in the city centre – but then I was also curious to see what would happen if I was obedient and was excited to discover another part of Madrid and to get to know some terrific women better – my new flatmates. After a few weeks I can say that though it hasn’t all been easy, it was definitely the right decision and I feel very much at home in my new abode and am amazed at how I experience God’s provision every day! I especially enjoy being able to walk home more often – I did that before too but now it takes me 10-30 minutes (depending on where I am) instead of over an hour…although the “old walk” across the river definitely had its charms!
  2. I opted for self-study…at the start of the second semester I decided to go to less classes and study more in the library and out of books and class notes. The change is interesting because I once again realise that the decision in itself might sound nice but requires an awful lot of self-discipline and motivation – not to mention that desirable ability of being able to organise your time wisely! I find myself eager to learn, but have to admit that my visits to the library are cancelled rather too often by a variety of other tasks claiming my attention. It is an interesting learning process though and with God’s help I am quite confident of mastering the art of disciplined self-study before my exams in May!
  3. I cut my hair. Really not worth mentioning but for the sake of adding a third change, here I go. I suppose it reflects a little of my spontaneity and impatience…a friend had agreed to cut if for me but when we had trouble finding a time which fit for both of us, I got out my scissors and got rid of the troublesome hair…dangerous to own a pair of scissors, really…
  4. And last but not least I should add the change of bed-time. I have decided to try my very best to go to bed earlier and thus avoid feeling tired throughout the day! And since it is already past midnight…thank you for joining me in my pondering on change! Feel free to comment and goodnight!

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