Pray for your city

Wherever you are right now, no matter which city in this world is your home for the present, take a moment to pray for your city! Why? Because there is need for change – and prayer is powerful! We read in the Bible how Jesus prayed A LOT all throughout his ministry! He did not only spend hours preaching to the crowds, healing the sick, teaching his disciples – he also spent lots of time in solitary places seeking the presence of God his Father in prayer! We should do the same.

Puerta del Sol in the centre of Madrid
Puerta del Sol in the centre of Madrid

Tonight was another great night out in the city centre of Madrid sharing the good news of Jesus Christ! There were quite a lot of people passing by (but not as many as in the picture =) that was a different night!) and also lots of our team – so great to see people in love with Jesus and willing to spend time out in the cold to preach and engage in conversations challenging passers-by to think about their eternity and their guilt before God! But the truth is that it’s not just about being active telling others about Jesus in the streets, job or university etc. but it is also vital to be active in prayer! I once read a quote that went something like this “Before talking to people about God, talk to God about people.” There are so many people praying for Madrid every day and it is noticeable when we go on the streets. I urge you to do the same for your city! And don’t worry if you already did so yesterday – an overdose of prayer isn’t harmful! =)

Pray for the politicians. Pray for the educational institutions. Pray for the rich, the poor, the in-between. Pray for this time especially just before the celebration of Easter for those who drop in on a church service out of tradition but have long forgotten that it’s MORE than a tradition and has nothing to do with a bunny or Easter eggs…Pray for hearts to be opened and God’s word to be preached – and not just in the churches because that’s too far out of the way for lots of people!
Pray for your city.


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