There’s a first time for everything!

Half-MarathonI love trying out new things. I love a new challenge. A new adventure. Be it something simple…or something big…exciting!  I feel I have been breaking new ground in various areas of late and have therefore decided to share 10 highlights of my past few days/weeks:

  1. What excitement I felt running my very first half-marathon on the 28th April 2013! I was so happy to participate and so grateful to God for just being able to run! Amazing to run around the beautiful city of Madrid with like 20000 other runners and when I sprinted across the finish line I was so thrilled I made my friends put up with a grinning, laughing, jumping “que guay, que increíble, estoy tan feliz” me (how cool, how incredible, i’m so happy) for a couple hours…probably sounds pretty cheesy but it was the fulfilment of a little dream =)
  2. Getting locked into the park next to my house and having to climb over the big spiky gate just after midnight…hehe
  3. Riding my bike at night without light or helmet, asking a policeman for directions and having him respond super helpful and with a friendly smile! Would so not risk that in Germany!
  4. Turning up for work – to teach my German student – and being offered fresh strawberries with sugar! What a pleasant surprise!
  5. May 8th: Spontaneously buying 3kg strawberries and declaring a study-break in order to make my own jam! Strawberry-Banana…and it worked out ok even though I had no scale and had to approximate the quantities…so proud of me =) hehe
  6. May 18th: Arriving at the airport super early AND with my suitcase within the kg limit! Even more proud of me =)Suitcase
  7. May 18th: Going to the PFIJUKO – a Christian Youth congress – to give a talk on telling people about Jesus! Was super excited and nervous but am so grateful to God for this opportunity and for what HE is doing here in Germany!
  8. May 19th: First time preaching on the street in Germany! In Siegen – wonderful to see how the teenagers in my group got over their shyness and were willing to talk to people and willing to be challenged!
  9. May 21st: First time eating loquat fruit in Germany (before that I ate the fruit twice in Spain when my lovely flatmate introduced me to “nísperos”!) and trying to chat with the fruit vendor in Turkish!
  10. May 22nd: First time attending an East Frisian tea ceremony! Was absolutely delightful – I love tea =) a big thanks to the host and company!!!

A lot of good stuff, just some big and little things I’m thankful for =)


2 thoughts on “There’s a first time for everything!

  1. Thanks for updating your fans 🙂 I’m always reading all your blogposts! speaking of tea I just remembered when we went to Besalú and tasted a good tea in that cute bar with Marko and Cristina! 😀 Take care!

    1. You’re welcome hehe, great to hear from you Arnau! Of course I remember the visit, I loved Besalú, its such a beautiful town and that tea was really good! =) cuida’t, un petó

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