Give and Serve

The pool of water does not need to worry about running out because the waterfall keeps filling it up!
The pool of water does not need to worry about running out because the waterfall keeps filling it up!

Yesterday I heard a message in my church by Wayne Myers that really challenged me. Wayne talked about two ingredients in life that lead to prosperity: living to GIVE and living to SERVE.

It might seem contradictory – how can you have prosperity with a life like that, wont you end up broke and with a burn out? But Wayne and his wife have lived this way for many years – serving God as missionaries in México and other parts of the world. They have always trusted God to provide for their needs and have given generously to others. Their lives challenge me! Wayne gave us examples of people in the bible that God looked after, even miraculously supplying their needs like the poor widow who was able to sell her oil (2Kings 4). We also heard many testimonies from his life and other people giving witness to God’s ability to care for his children! The Myers made the decision to give a monetary gift to someone every day of the year. God gave us two hands – one to receive and one to give! It does not have to be money – though God’s command on honouring him by giving him the tenth of what he has blessed us with is clear! Ultimately all we have belongs to God and we are acting as stewards and should do so in a way that glorifies HIM! But we can also give generously of our time! Our attention, listening to someone or giving advice, words of encouragement. We can invite someone to our home for a meal or just take time to help someone with their homework, gardening or moving house. We can pray for others – prayer is so powerful and such a blessing! And we can ALWAYS give the best message the world has ever known: tell people about Jesus Christ!

I feel challenged by Wayne and his wife and their life of devotion to Christ. I don’t want it to be something I just heard one Sunday – I want it to impact my way of life. How great is my love for God Almighty? How great is my love and devotion for Jesus Christ? If he who is King of Kings was willing to humble himself and live his life serving others – even kneeling down to wash the feet of his disciples – how much more should I be willing to serve!

But where do you start? Ask God to give you a heart of love for people and keep your eyes open to see where you can lend a hand. And as additional challenge – how about applying the life of giving and serving EVERY DAY by offering to pray for a stranger or telling someone about Jesus? Starting today – every day! It doesn’t cost you a cent! Just LOVE and TIME. And you have no idea what impact it might have on that person’s life! Let’s strive to truly love others the way God loves! Always, generously, unconditionally.


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