Roof RaindropsPacking in a hurry for my trip to Pakistan I somehow completely forgot to think about the weather. This may not be very clever, but I often pack with the weather of my PRESENT location in mind, rather than that of my destination! Many a time have I packed a suitcase while the sun was blazing and the thermometer measuring over 35°C and I simply could not imagine ever needing a sweater…until we reached the cool mountains and I suddenly needed to borrow something to keep warm!
Trees FogThe funny thing about the seasons in Pakistan is that the Monsoon does not exist in Germany. The Monsoon is the rainy season. It isn’t really cold – in fact most days it has been rather warm! And yet it isn’t summer. There are clouds in the sky and many a day may be described as foggy and rainy. Very rainy. You would think clouds have a limit as to how many raindrops they can shower on our lovely earth…

splashesBut then despite the many puddles, moist blankets, slippery paths, jamming doors and the seemingly impossible task of getting laundry to dry…I love the monsoon! I love the beauty of those clouds kissing the mountains and the tree tops…I love the walks where you suddenly disappear in the fog…I love the sound of the heavy rain pattering on the rooftops…and the feeling of wonder as lightning lights up the sky and thunder roars in the distance! And growing up in Pakistan I often found myself praying for rain – as a blessing from God that would allow us to shower more frequently, wash clothes and flush our toilets!
So I love the monsoon – and praise God for rain!
A walk through the fog

The change came within less than five minutes!
The change came within less than five minutes!



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