Why I like Valentine’s Day…

Happy Valentine's DayI’ve often heard friends complain about it – calling it a stupid invention or a day meant to make singles feel bad and to give companies an excuse to overprice roses and chocolates.
Ok, that last part is ridiculously true. Prices of flowers tend to triple around Valentines…
But there are still several reasons why I like it:

  1. it brings back fond memories – in my school we had a tradition that one class would be in charge of selling brownies and flowers on Valentine’s day and it was just fun getting brownies for my brothers and flowers for my sisters and having everyone be in a generous mood =)
  2. its a good opportunity to just show some affection to someone you like or appreciate – and can be a help to someone too shy to do so without a proper occasion! I’d say couples don’t need it so much – I hope their show of affection is not limited to one day a year!
  3. Despite often being rather cynical in my professed opinions concerning cheesy romantic movies and the like – I guess I am a bit of a romantic at heart and think it all rather sweet as long as its sincere. Besides, flowers are pretty things and chocolate is yummy – we should have more days like this =)

Of course you might say that it upsets you cos you don’t receive any of those chocolates or flowers – well then buy them for someone else and it will make their day and yours =) It doesn’t have to be your secret crush – what about your neighbour, friend or family member? Its fun to surprise someone and I’m sure it will put a smile on their face. Or be practical and show love in your home by doing the dishes, vacuuming or hanging the washing out to dry…

Its supposed to be a day about love. About showing love to someone else.
So a little less revolving around me and more looking out for others.
A little less selfishness and greed and more generosity.
A little less of my will and more openness to the will or opinion of another.
A little less complaining and more contentment and thankfulness.
A little less of love as we see it in our society – which often seems to amount to a recreational style of pursuing relationships as an antidote to boredom and loneliness…
and a LOT more of love as we see it in Jesus’ example in the Bible – selfless, unconditional, pure.

That’s real love.
Happy Valentine’s Day.


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