Because I truly believe it

RedBoxFreiburgI am excited! For several weeks now we have been going out to the street in Freiburg to preach the gospel!
There have been so many people praying for this city and I can see every week how God loves every person and speaks to their hearts!

The reactions are very mixed – from Christians and Non-Christians alike. Some happy to see us – encouraging Christians or Non-Christians with many questions, looking for answers, looking for God…
And others more critical, but that’s ok. I was critical myself at first!

Some say – but why do you talk about sin and hell, isn’t God loving and will forgive everyone?
Yes, God IS loving! But he is also just! And like a rebellious son that has run away from home and wants to go back to his father has to CHANGE DIRECTION in the same way we who have ignored God and rebelled against his commands need to recognise that we have done wrong and need to CHANGE DIRECTION – turn our back on sin and ask God for forgiveness. The reason God can forgive us is because HE HIMSELF paid the price for our sin – God became man in Jesus Christ and lived a perfect life but died on the cross to pay for our sins!
So yes – God is loving and wants to forgive! But for him to forgive you – you need to recognise your sin, sincerely repent and put your faith in Jesus Christ!

Some say – that’s nice for you if it helps you, but why do you bother me with your beliefs?

Because I truly believe it! I truly believe, that Jesus is THE WAY, THE TRUTH and THE LIFE. NO ONE can come to the FATHER except THROUGH HIM.

I truly believe that God is real and that ALL people have sinned and need forgiveness through Jesus Christ.
I truly believe that hell is real because Jesus talked a lot about it.
I truly believe that heaven is real because Jesus promised that his Father was preparing a place for us.

I know that nowadays most people choose their own truth. Everyone has a different “truth” that is true for themselves.
But that doesn’t always work.
Ok – maybe my truth is that it is a hot day but for someone else its too cold. That makes sense. Both is possible.
But what about a drink that has been poisoned? Either I believe it is ok and drink it, leading to my death – or I believe it is poisoned and don’t drink it, meaning I can live. But regardless of my BELIEF – the drink is EITHER poisoned, OR not.

Well if you say – that’s nice for you that you believe in Jesus, but I think that is not true for me – the problem is that either JESUS IS REAL – which means that He is truly God, King of Kings and GAVE HIS LIFE for YOU! Paid the price for YOUR SIN so that you might be RECONCILED to God – ADOPTED as a child of God and given the GIFT of eternal life!
OR it isn’t true and Jesus was just a man that inspired many people.

And the reason I go out to the street and preach and tell people about Jesus – is because I TRULY BELIEVE IT!

Jesus has changed my life.
In him I find forgiveness and peace.
I cannot imagine my life without him.
And I want to see all of Freiburg in heaven one day! =D

So please understand that my telling you about Jesus is not meant to arouse arguments or cause offence – i just love you too much to just let you walk right into hell, when Jesus made the way for you to receive forgiveness and eternal life!

If you believe in Jesus – I encourage you to also tell the people around you what he has done for you and how he changed your life!

And if you don’t believe in Jesus – feel free to let me know what you think but I would really encourage you to read the Bible and think about what you find. If it is really true – it could change your life!


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