You’re precious

I’ve been thinking lately about what its like as a woman to live in a sex-crazed society.

And its not even easy to write about it without dragging my mind through the gutter.

So instead of describing what we all see in movies, advertisements and novels – I want to say what we don’t see:

that there is more to a woman than her proportions and that yes,  character and inner beauty DO matter, despite the fact that they are often made fun of.

If you are a woman reading this now, then let me tell you that beauty and femininity as the world describes it is not where your worth truly lies. Don’t chase after that or let it define you.

be brave and swim against the current
be brave and swim against the current

God created you the way you are and loves you. Calls you precious.

He wants to show you how HE sees you. And wants to show you what incredible gifts he put inside you to unfold. He wants to show you that you are beautiful and valuable. That you do not need to prove yourself by having a certain weight or complexion or certain amount of “friends” on facebook or by being “in a relationship”. You are enough. Just you.

God gave everything to call you his own.

You are worth so much to him that he sent Jesus to die for you.
He wants to forgive you and make you new.
He wants to heal your heart.

His arms are always open to welcome you as his daughter.

He will always love you. He will always want you. He will always be proud of you.

Give him your heart instead of throwing it around to the next best guy that walks along.

Let him guard it, protect it, fill it. Let Jesus be your first love.

And let him guide you when it comes to dealing with love and friendships with guys.

Pray that God will already prepare a man who will be more in love with Jesus than with you.

But who will love you as Jesus loves the church in that he was willing to give his life for her!
Who will protect you. Look out for you. Be your best friend and someone you can truly team up with for life.
Someone you can respect and whose vision you can share and support.
Someone who loves you enough to wait for your kisses.

And be brave enough to swim against the current, even when your friends shake their heads and tell you…this is the 21st century.

Yes it is. But you’re still a woman who is precious. And too precious to just throw herself away – only because society tells her its what she wants and needs.

It isn’t – trust me. When I look at what God says in the Bible, I find you deserve more than that. God made us as relationship-beings, invented sex and HE HIMSELF is LOVE. So lets trust his word on this!

My love to all you girls out there! You are so precious!


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