God loves you

I’m excited because I just realised there is an app for blogging. It might seem silly but to me it feels like the opening up of whole new possibilities…no more forgetting to post because I can do it right away…at least that’s the theory. We’ll see how it works out…

So here’s my thought for today:
I went to the supermarket to buy some groceries and suddenly realised how God loves every person I was meeting on the way! It was awesome! I remembered something I had heard in a sermon recently, that no matter where we are, at home or in a restaurant, job or supermarket, we’re like ambassadors for Jesus Christ and taking his love and light wherever we go! Not because we’re great or anything but because the Holy Spirit lives in us and helps us be more like Jesus.

So I was just standing at the cashiers about to pay and I felt I should just tell the lady at the counter that God loves her so much! I felt so much love in my heart I was sure it would burst if I didn’t share it! It had taken a bit longer to figure out the price of a plant I was buying and with the extra time I finally brought up the courage to glance at the lady’s name tag and tell her God loves her.

And you know what? I will never forget the look on her face when I said her name! It was just a moment and then I was gone and she attended the next person in line, but it made me wonder why it had never occurred to me before. One glance at the name and it just becomes so much more personal. A small token of love.
I don’t know this lady personally, but I know God does and loves her tons.

And following Jesus’ example means showing that love in a practical way. Sometimes it might just be a smile, a kind word, an encouraging hug or a simple thanks.

How about looking out for the name next time you shop – and saying thanks with love in a more personal way. And telling them they are loved. Because God sees every person and loves them just like he loves you.


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