Like children

I love the passage in the Bible where Jesus tells his disciples off for hindering the kids that want to come to him. I love how he says that we all have to be like children to enter the kingdom of heaven. But what does he mean by that?

I think I got a glimpse of it while hearing four young girls bombard my friend with questions about the Bible, God, heaven and many other things…

Will the city in heaven have walls and gates?
What will heaven look like?
Did John really get to see God?
Why does the book of Revelation talk about a lamb?
Look here, why is there a bad word in the Bible?
Where does God live?

I was overwhelmed and overjoyed at the same time! One question barely answered and another one arises! Little eager faces searching the Bible and asking about everything they find, curious to know more about God and understand what his word means. It made me want to know more answers. And it made me want to have more questions! When did I stop asking questions like them? With such a childlike desire to get to know my Father in heaven and to discover all I can about him and me and life – by studying his word.
Since when have I been so caught up in supposedly doing things for God that I forget to just delight in him and to get so excited about what I find in the Bible that I forget its time for bed.

I want to be more like a child
and be excited to spend time with my daddy
and trust in all my daddy says and does
and ask a million questions
but also accept his gentle “just because”
and say to myself like one of those girls said to me:

When I go to heaven I want to ask God if I can draw a picture in the clouds…


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