Paperwork and to-do-lists

It finally dawned on me.
About three weeks ago when I had at last succeeded in getting together all my forms and official documents.
I am seriously registering for my final exams and steadily heading towards the end of my studies!
Ok, to be honest it’s rather a long finishing sprint that will take me another year and a half or so – but still, it’s exciting and scary somehow.

Scary, because it makes me feel like I ought to grow up.
It means real life begins soon with a proper job and all sorts of expectations and responsibilities…
It means the end of student life with all the benefits of student status… Like cheaper insurance, other discounts and a general understanding for a…somewhat unique, independent and sometimes spontaneous and adventurous lifestyle – investing time and energy in everything and nothing, developing ideas and projects, getting to know people and discovering the world…and officially just being able to dedicate yourself to learning. Pretty cool stuff.

But then again – in spite of my strong belief in life long learning – I wouldn’t want to remain a student forever, so this is definitely a good thing!

Getting the Uni paperwork sorted was one of the top priorities on my to-do-list of things to get done before leaving for Mexico for several weeks! I suppose its not hard to guess what didn’t get done before the flight…but looks like I can now cross the blog post off my list too…a little late and with greetings from Mexico =D


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