¡Viva México!

I arrived in Mexico just a few days before independence day the 15th/16th of September!ZocaloDF

When my friend showed me around Mexico city I saw flags all over the place and didn’t hesitate long in buying a flag myself! You could get them in all shapes and sizes…

It was such fun to be caught up in the patriotic atmosphere and the excitement of festivity. Especially since I always feel like Germany celebrates the 3rd of October not nearly enough…somehow we seem to feel more comfortable being proud of our country during the World Cup…but that’s another story.

After leaving Mexico city, I went to a village in the beautiful mountains of Oaxaca. Festivities started on the 15th with music, the arrival of the three pretty princesses, the singing of the national anthem and putting up flags. There was also a large pole put up with a prize at the top and various boys tried to scramble up to get it. At midnight there was the famous “grito” or shout – but I was already asleep by that time.

The 16th was a day of colourful parade with lots of music and shouts of “¡Viva México!” followed by music and dancing. It was fun to watch the well rehearsed choreography and admire all the outfits.

The horsemen rode ahead of the parade
The beautiful princesses were the stars during the festivities in their green, white and red dresses.
Lots of school kids participated in the parade and contributed to the program – waving flags and shouting, “¡Viva México!”
A colourful dance performance
Lighting a “globo” to send it off into the air…some made it pretty high while others got stuck in trees or high posts – but the kids had lots of fun all the same!

The third day was characterized by horsemen galloping down the main street as part of a challenge and others trying to shoot a sheep from a ways away…

Riding down the street as part of the last day’s events

It was a great way to start off my time in Mexico and to get to know people and the village. It was also a good opportunity to thank God for Mexico. For all the wonderful things about the country – and to pray for peace, unity and the future. Celebrating Independence Day in the village was colourful, lively, lots of fun and an unforgettable cultural experience – I will always remember how the whole village came together for these special days and it seemed like everything in sight was green, white and red – including my nails =)



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