FOOD CULTURE: Chapulines

chapulineshmmSo I tend to take lots of pictures of food.
Because I enjoy food – the many different types of dishes, spices, combinations that are common around the world and how the simple, every day type of meals can become such a major part of a home culture, community or family. We have a bunch of meals in my family that I would say are family tradition and that I have never tried anywhere else…and going new places always involves trying new things and sometimes means being brave enough to try something that might not be…well…what you would consider incredibly delicious or appetizing.

After three weeks in Mexico I have tried lots of amazing things – but yesterday I finally got to taste something that I had been especially looking forward to: Chapulines


The state of Oaxaca is famous for its good food and the Chapulines are part of that tradition.

People here catch them, wash them or soak them in water and prepare them with lemon and garlic. I had tried grasshoppers before in Thailand – but they were slightly bigger, spicy and sort of crunchy. I looked at the two ladies selling the Chapulines here in the market place and they just smiled at me as one of them ripped the legs off a grasshopper and handed it to me. It was kinda soft and as I put it into my mouth and I could definitely taste the lemon juice. Not bad. Definitely something worth trying.
So I bought 15 pesos worth of chapulines – a small bag full.


Back at the house we were all kinda hungry and started putting together a lunch with various leftovers, salad and vegetables. We already had tortillas, salsa and guacamole on the table – so I figured I would add the grasshoppers to the menu. I fried them with some onion, hoping they would get crunchier, and then made myself a huge taco with about four tablespoons of Chapulines, some guacamole and spicy green salsa. The first few bites were pretty good. I felt rather brave and figured this could really become part of my regular diet…but then by the time I had eaten about 2/3 of my tortilla I began to wonder if this would, on second thoughts, remain a rare experience for…special occasions…though they say you have to try a food at least seven times before you can say you don’t like it – I guess there is a difference between trying one or two grasshoppers and eating a whole bag full…

but if you ever get the chance – I definitely recommend you try them.
They’re cheap, somewhat exotic and a great source of protein =)

What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever eaten?
Feel free to comment =D


3 thoughts on “FOOD CULTURE: Chapulines

    1. Wow, you’re one of the few to tell me so! I even took some to the US and Spain thinking my friends would be so pleased – but somehow they didn’t really appreciate my effort… =D

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