A choice you make

Life is full of choices.
When you’re really little, other people tend to make them for you.
Then, as you grow older, they begin to teach you about all the possibilities life has to offer and to tackle those things independently.
You leave home and begin to try things out
– and find that there really is so much you could do…
but then you get to that point where you have to make a choice –
and saying yes to one thing means saying no to something else.

Its like that with something simple like:
pancakes or waffles for breakfast?
Well, unless you’re really hungry, you choose one option.
Do I walk or should I take my bike?
Ok, no big deal.
But what about…buying a car?
Working as a tutor or at a restaurant?
What about studying English or journalism or theatre?
Or biology and history?
What about moving to Berlin or Chicago?
Freiburg or Paris?
Tokyo or London?
Or not moving at all?
What about buying a dog or your own apartment?
What about starting a relationship with Fred or Dean?
or even getting married…

Its like you get to that point and suddenly feel like you’re going to make some awfully important decision(s) that will affect your whole life and you feel rather grown up.
You realize that yes, there are many options out there…
But you gotta be brave and commit to one because you can’t do everything and be everything all at once. And don’t think that avoiding the responsibility of making tough choices will save you the trouble and automatically get you where you should go – there’s some pretty amazing things that simply don’t happen “by accident”.

Thats kinda what I’ve been feeling.
I was out in a remote village in Mexico for a few weeks – not a place I would ever have thought of going just a few years ago…
but I ended up being so glad to be there and glad that I had made
certain choices to get there.
But saying yes to Mexico had also meant saying no to other things.
It meant I couldn’t go to Turkey with some friends like I had wanted.
It meant I had to work during the summer to save up money instead of working on my studies or taking a break.
But then it also meant being overwhelmed by the beauty of a new country and culture and people.
It was such an enriching experience for me and also great to be able to invest time to serve and support others.
Would I go back for longer?
Would I go back to live and work somewhere in Mexico?
I don’t know…maybe. That was my answer after two weeks.
After six weeks I felt like, yes, I could definitely see myself coming back one day. I have once again fallen in love with another country and culture and my heart goes out to the people of Mexico.

I guess it’s something I have to think through and pray about as I finish my studies in Germany.
It will be another one of those choices that require bravery
– and wisdom. But I’m glad to remember that God has really carried me through wherever my family or I have pitched our tents so far and I know that the geographic location does not change his goodness or his faithfulness and love.
And then the truth is – I am still young. At least that’s what someone told me the other day. I don’t know how many days or months or years are still ahead of me – but whatever they may be, I don’t need to have it all figured out by today. I don’t need to make all the decisions for the next fifty years right NOW – I can take one step at a time, one decision at a time and yet be aware of the fact that every choice I do make now, can have repercussions in the future.
So choose wisely – yes.
But still be brave enough to choose.


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