On studying

ok, so the last thing I should probably be doing right now
is writing my blog.
Its right in that category of non-essentials, along with writing that book I always wanted to write.
or reorganising all of my books, you know the ones on the shelf that are so…jumbled up.
Or reading a classic I missed in high school.

I suppose its not as bad as going on social media sites though.
Cooking elaborate meals that take hours to prepare…
Or randomly deciding to travel the world.
Meeting lots of new people and starting a long distance relationship  – with someone that doesn’t speak my language…meaning I have to take language lessons too…
That would be really silly.

I suppose the usual things are:
Tea break. Lunch break. Break to wash the dishes.
Gotta do the laundry.
Gotta…make a phone call. Write a really important E-mail.
It’s urgent, for real.
Should vacuum. And take out the trash.
Ok, feeling a bit tired, just gonna take a quick break. Do nothing.
Maybe I should go for a run?

And then there is the sudden fascination with any occupation that does not require studying.
I could just…do gardening. As a part-time job.
Or how about…you know…working as a waitress or babysitting or something like that…

Why am I doing this again?

And then…then I remember why I’m at Uni.
I remember…that I actually like studying.
More accurately, I like learning. I like the aspect of discovery.
Its kind of like…scuba diving. You go deeper and further and come across all these amazing and wonderful things you never knew existed…its like a whole new world.
Or at least –  a different perspective.
You meet a school of fish…and find beautiful shells still inhabited…and an octopus…
There’s something wonderful about it, something adventurous.

So the only problem is – the exam.
And that’s only one day. A few hours.
Just tell them what you know.
What you’ve discovered.
It’s like – they’re asking about your time under the sea.
Name five of the fish that you saw.
Shouldn’t be too bad.
And whether I remember five names or not – the fear of not remembering should not keep me from going diving.
That would be a shame, to miss out on such a beautiful experience.

The beauty of discovery.
The beauty of learning.
The beauty of thought and knowledge.
The beauty of studying.


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