Let’s go for a walk together

maybe its too early to say I love you
maybe its too soon to know what that really means
maybe its premature to allow such strong emotion
maybe its a mixture of reality and dreams

maybe this wont last and there’ll be no forever
maybe we’ll just talk and then go seperate ways
maybe there is no “us” and we will never be together
maybe this is just a moment, just a phase

maybe you and I will just be friends, be brothers
maybe thats all we were ever meant to be
maybe we will not be one as lovers
maybe, but its an end I can’t yet see

maybe we will never marry
at least not me you or you me
maybe, but there really is no hurry
we’ll figure it out eventually

so let’s just take
one step at a time
go for a walk together
get to know each other
listen to silence
holding hands
let’s find out where we each of us is at
and where we’re both heading
see if the other understands
and then decide, but all in good time,
if we want to combine both our life plans.


2 thoughts on “Let’s go for a walk together

    1. neee, es gab vielleicht ein wenig real-life inspiration =) aber es geht mehr ums Prinzip, sich keinen Stress zu machen, dass man nach zwei Kaffe und ein Mal Pizza essen schon 100% gewiss mit Hochzeitsplanung beginnen muss =)

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