Remember this moment

Exam time. Note to self:
ok. now if truly the worst happens and you don’t know what to write – find yourself staring at a blank page – then remember this moment of absolute clarity:

This moment, where you know you are loved.
This moment, where you know you are infinitely precious.
This moment, where you know the world will keep on turning
The sun will keep on shining
The rain will keep on falling
The birds will keep on chirping
and you will keep on breathing, and living and laughing
and dancing
no matter what happens.

This moment, where you are aware of God’s embrace
this moment, where you feel his strong hands hold you close
and keep you safe
this moment, where everything else around you seems to fade
in comparison to his awesome, powerful and beautiful presence and grace
this moment, where you know nothing else really matters
because life is real and beautiful and true
no matter how you do
there’s always a second chance
there’s always a new day
so remember this moment where you are sure beyond a doubt
that everything is gonna be ok.

Remember this moment.
Remember the joy.
Remember the good things.
And you’re fears will go away.


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