Happy late new year

I know its already the end of January, but this being my first post in 2016 I will start with wishing YOU and me and everyone, a happy late new year.

Foto 1

My last post was in October 2015, so here are five amazing/fun/random things that happened since then:

1) I was successful in my English exam 😀 it was a lot of work but I also enjoyed it, had some good topics and great professors. Thankful that it went well and glad to close a chapter.

2) I flew to Pakistan in December and spent time with my family over the Christmas break, which was really great.

3) I caught up on some film culture classics…finally watched Star Wars. Yes, I know, shocking I had lived almost 27 years without seeing them. But that has been remedied 🙂 Was great fun going to the cinema for the new one too 🙂

4) I got stuck in Istanbul for two days on my return flight…there were delays and cancellations due to the snow. I was cool though – my sis and I were put up in a 5 star hotel, I built my first snow man this winter (see picture) and we got to see a little bit of Istanbul 🙂 might share more about that another time…

5) This one is a bit of both past and future, a “has happened” and “will happen” – it looks like my time living in the countryside is coming to an end…I am seriously considering moving into a student residency. Its not official yet though, I have applied, but not yet been accepted. Will hopefully find out soon!

And what’s coming up this year of 2016?
yes, that is the plan. After what feels like forever I intend to finish University this year 😀
This will be after successfully passing my remaining final exams for biology (in the spring) and Spanish (in the fall).
So probably looking at November, then you can feel free to congratulate me and look forward to some change in this presently rather studious sort of nomad’s life 🙂



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