On writing, life and blogging

Hello again! No, I have not stopped writing. Yes, I stopped posting – for a while. At first I stopped because I was preoccupied and then also because I wanted to figure out my blog and somehow get more order into it. I wanted to restructure and determine for myself what my goal is, my target audience, my topic…was considering switching sites. But then I just stopped. Well, not quite – I continued having ideas but just didn’t finish them. It’s like I was worried the plurality of topics and thoughts and ideas would be too much for one blog. Can I do that? Can I just write about my exams one day, travelling the next and then share how I experience God or post something philosophical, before going on to tell a random story or joke? Should I stick to one thing and not mix it all together? Would someone get annoyed? But then I realised, this being my blog, I shouldn’t worry so much about all these questions – but just continue to write and be brave enough to post. And I also remembered what I wrote in my description when first starting this blog – I said, “I tend to write what’s on my mind – be it funny, sad or serious – this blog reflects a journey and a mix of all those things that make up my sort-of-nomad-life.” Isn’t that what life is? A mix? Whose life is ever completely categorised? So here goes to continuing this journey – after six months – and continuing to share what’s on my mind and what mundane or crazy things make up my sort-of-nomad-life.

My last post was on January 27th – The Snail Challenge – That was lots of fun!
What has happened since then?

I turned 27. I moved house – first time living in a student residency! (yes, I got the room!) I presented my Staatsexamen in biology and passed. Yeah! I flew to Northern Ireland to spend Easter with my siblings. I celebrated graduation for my English major and wore a funky hat and gown just like at my high school graduation. I fell in love with Pakistan all over again – long distance. I helped out at our church conference and got to translate Jake Hamilton. I organised a second evangelism workshop at a church near Munich and was so excited and touched to see God at work in the young people’s lives. I met some pretty amazing people. I had a little personal crisis…and found God really does catch me, renewing both joy and strength. I continued working as a tourist guide – was asked to pose for countless pictures in my traditional dirndl dress and black forest Bollenhut (red pom pom hat) and was even mistaken for a souvenir (can I take you home for my grandson? He’s about your age – and a marine.) I visited my sister. I watched football during the EM. I went to Ulm and jumped into the Danube. I saw the Blautopf – a special pond in Blaubeuren. I missed a bus. I learned that improvising isn’t always the best option. I learned that if I want something, I have to work for it – and if I want to end up somewhere, I have to start taking steps in that direction.

For some of the above I might share an extra post – a strategy I tried before without much success but I’m determined to make the catching up work this time 🙂 I intend to post at least once a week from now on to get back into writing, probably Mondays. Thanks for being a part of my life and accompanying me on this journey 🙂


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