Discovering: 3-day bike tour day two – from Donaueschingen to Sigmaringen 

  Good morning 🙂 I’m at a youth hostel in the town of Sigmaringen – and could see the sunrise from my bedroom window, which is kinda nice. The tour yesterday was amazing, I really loved it. It wasn’t too strenuous, really well marked with signs along the way so we couldn’t get lost and I just really loved the landscape of the Danube valley with the river and the impressive cliffs. When we started out in Donaueschingen we saw the river Brigach which later joins with the river Brech to continue as the Danube (or Donau as it’s called in German). We also checked out what they say is the source of the Danube – this fancy looking pool of water in the city centre – and then set off towards Tuttlingen at almost noon.  

 It was an easy start with no steep hills, but I must confess I did stop a couple times for pictures – especially wanted to witness where the Donau disappears into the ground at the “Donau Versickerung”. We had a really great packed lunch in Tuttlingen by the river – my wonderful hosts in Donaueschingen had helped provide for lots of sandwiches and fruit which was really great! And I was even given a helmet to borrow because I had managed to forget mine in Freiburg. Shocking, I know! Who goes on a bike tour and forgets their helmet? Especially since I managed to pack all kinds of other ridiculous things…well, thankfully they were kind to help me out so we were all set and well equipped for the day 🙂

  Arrived at Sigmaringen around 7:30pm and just checked out the view of the famous castle from a distance before going up a rather steep hill to our hostel. Since there was no dinner we ordered some take away kebab-salad-fries, finishing up the evening outside with a nice glass of wine. 

Conclusion: it was a great day and I would recommend the tour – there were some steep parts after Friedingen so it’s helpful to have good gears but it’s a nice little challenge and worth the effort. Pack enough water (I had three liters and then we filled up the bottles twice along the way). And enjoy 🙂 

Here’s a website with the route nicely explained (in German)

So today the goal is Sigmaringen-Ulm, about 110km, and I’m already tempted to jump into the Danube when we get there 🙂   


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