So I’m home again, my muscles were sore for two days after going climbing – but it was the good kind of sore that makes you feel happy and accomplished and impatient to go out again. I went climbing again on Saturday on my own, just to some rocks near where I live – but without a climbing partner (I don’t recommend that, there were others out there too though so I wasn’t alone) so I was limited to choosing a really safe route I could do without rope. It was still fun though, the view was beautiful – and got quite exciting later when a team of firemen showed up! Another climber had called to warn them of a fire that hadn’t been put out properly. I had heard the call being made and ended up going with two other climbers to show the firemen the spot so they could put it out. It probably wouldn’t have been enough to start a forest fire, but it was still good to be safe and a good reminder to think twice before foolishly starting a fire in the woods!

I’m pretty motivated to keep climbing, but the weather hasn’t been so good and I have to organise myself with gear and climbing partner – but after a week of lots of sports and being outside and realising how amazing that was I decided I have to make it more of a priority in daily life. I know its something that helps me focus, clear my head and is simply super enjoyable and a good balance to studying – so instead of thinking I have no time due to studies (I do have to study A LOT these next weeks!) I want to make a bit of time every day. But since I can’t exactly go climbing or on a bike tour every day, I have instead opted for conquering the slackline! You know how teachers always tell you that practice makes perfect? Its supposed to apply to learning your French vocab words, your creative writing skills, solving maths problems, singing in choir, playing an instrument, reciting poems, cooking, sports and most things in life. Well, I have decided to put this claim to the test for a specific time period and see what improvement I can witness in just thirty days of practice. Of course, the idea is NOT to give up doing something after trying just thirty days – I am fully aware that real learning takes longer than that and requires a bit more effort, investment and perseverance – but when you are trying to start a new habit, the decision to follow through for a month is a good place to start.

I have been thinking about slacklining for a while, always amused by how popular it is here in Freiburg and how silly people look trying to walk across with their arms in the air. It is good for balance, focus and body control, though – and actually quite a challenge to master well and a lot of fun! It is also extremely accessible for me right now since there are two slacklines permanently installed on the lawn in front of my house. So, what’s the plan? I intend to go slacklining 10-30 minutes every day for the next 25 days* and see how much I improve. I must confess I am a complete beginner and look like a fool trying to take a single step, but hey – that’s what practice is for, right! So I started this four days ago – what’s my progress so far? When I started on day 1 I went from not being able to balance at all to being able to balance on either foot and count to 20 and take seven shaky steps! Yeah! Today I was up to 40 and felt more confident getting up on the line, especially with the right foot.

After 30 days I would like to:

– be able to balance on either foot for as long as I like (say count to 100)
– walk the length of the slackline and back again (need to measure it…)
– get up on either foot without losing my balance
– change direction midway

I have no idea how quickly I will achieve this goal, that’s what makes it interesting. Maybe this is super easy and I will make it after ten days – or I’m underestimating the slackline and require longer.

In case you don’t know how to slackline, here’s a nice video to teach you the basics 🙂

How to slackline

and in case you think slacklining is dull, check out this competition and maybe you’ll change your mind…

2016 GoPro Mountain Games Slackline Highlight Reel

*every day unless its raining A LOT or someone ate the slackline, then any other sport can serve as a substitute for that day. Day 3 I went cycling 🙂


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