Tired but/and Thankful

If I had to use two words to describe my sentiments after my first half year teaching full time, those two would be it.
Tired. Tired from lack of sleep, new pressures and responsibilities, lack of a balanced diet and regular exercise. Mistakes of a rookie, maybe. But certainly come with lessons learned.
Tired from/of grading seemingly endless papers and editing a PowerPoint to find the laptop freeze and crash…again.

Thankful. Thankful for smiling faces in the classroom, even when I know they hate poetry…
thankful for encouraging words. Please and thank you. Can I please go to the bathroom? Yes, you may.
Thankful for laughter and morning tea. Thankful for little goals and little victories. Thankful for beautiful moments in between the stress that somehow make it all worth it.
Thankful for Gods grace. And second chances.

A friend recently said how teaching is really such a crazy job…and how you have to be crazy to do it.
In a way I agree with her. But then again, the students – and those random beautiful moments in the midst of the craziness – somehow make it all worth it.


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