About me – a sort of nomad

1.00095Hey and welcome to the about-me-page.

My name is Rachel. Here are five things about myself as a way of introduction – but in the end you’ll probably get to know me best by reading my blog.

Why a sort-of-nomad? I was born in Germany, grew up in Pakistan and Thailand, moved house a lot and have since then lived in Germany and Spain and travelled to various countries over the years. Home is everywhere and nowhere, I love discovering new places and wouldn’t mind living outside more than I do. I sometimes mention MK/TCK in my blog – MK means Missionary kid. My parents have been working in Pakistan as missionaries supporting the local church for 18 years. Third Culture Kid is a child growing up in two or more cultures and thus developing their own “third” mixed culture.

Why a blog? I’ve always loved to write – starting with self-illustrated stories as a kid, inventing my own secret language and I have been journalling since I was nine…I never really showed my stuff to anyone, but had the idea of a blog for some time. Its was a drastic change for me, when I started this blog in 2012, but I felt it to be a fun way to give updates to my friends and family, share what’s going on in my life or what I’m thinking about and maybe also get some comments or feedback. I tend to write what’s on my mind – be it funny, sad or serious – this blog reflects a journey and a mix of all those things that make up my sort-of-nomad-life.

What do I do when I’m not writing? Reading books, writing papers. I studied English, Biology and Spanish at the University of Freiburg, in Germany. Teaching. Translating. Taking tourists around the Black Forest. Doing sports, music, art, photography…love debating and reflecting on a range of topics – be it politics, philosophy and theology or the difference between brownies and chocolate cake. Enjoying the view from a mountain in silence.

What’s my passion? Lots I could say here. Family. Travel. Education. But I’m most passionate about following Jesus Christ, getting to know him better and living my life with him and for him. And I’m passionate about God’s grace, because its his grace that makes knowing God as my heavenly Father possible and life amazing.

Something random: I love trees.


One thought on “About me – a sort of nomad

  1. Hallo Rahel,
    bisher habe ich nur Deine Vorstellung gelesen.
    Das hat mir sehr gur gefallen.
    Du hast wirklich eine sehr spezielle Jugendzeit und wir freuen uns, dass wir daran zu einem kleinen Teil Anteil haben durften und jetzt auch immer noch haben.
    Wir freuen uns besonders, dass Du diese Besonderheiten genießt und die darin liegenden Chancen auslebst.
    Ich war auch Nr. 3 zu Hause (aber nur 3 aus 6). Das scheint was bestimmtes zu bedeuten. Ich spùre förmlich, was Du mit Deinen Worten meinst. Vieles davon kenne ich. Bei mir war es aber nicht so extrem. Ich habe erst in 3 Ländern gewohnt und die waren alle in Europa.
    Als ich 50 geworden bin, habe ich eine Bilanz über mein Leben gezogen. Dir war zu weit ùber 100 % positiv.
    Freu Dich auf die kommenden Jahre! Das Leben wird immer schöner.
    gruß reinhard
    Du hast einen angenehmen Schreibstil. Das kann man gut lesen.

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