An ode to solitude

Sweet sweet solitude
I shall compose an ode to thee
For thru so many years
My faithful companion you have been
I relished every moment
Of undivided bliss
What joy have you provided
You are a friend
I never want to miss
When others complain of issues and fights
That make their relationships seem a sad plight
I just frown and shake my head
We can recall no such occasion
There is no drama, no regret
We just get along – in times of stress and on vacation

So let’s have a toast
To us and this moment
May it be undisturbed
As I drink and enjoy it


Experiencing beauty

My heart must surly break
Who can fathom such sweet
Deep joyful pain

My heart is full of tears
That my eyes refuse to shed
Remaining ever dry

My heart is full and overflows
What feelings I cannot explain
And much less contain

Let no one scorn a heart so full
Let none despise a pain so sweet
Let there be freedom to suffer and rejoice
Even while my heart struggles
To explain its feelings with my voice

Remember this moment

Exam time. Note to self:
ok. now if truly the worst happens and you don’t know what to write – find yourself staring at a blank page – then remember this moment of absolute clarity:

This moment, where you know you are loved.
This moment, where you know you are infinitely precious.
This moment, where you know the world will keep on turning
The sun will keep on shining
The rain will keep on falling
The birds will keep on chirping
and you will keep on breathing, and living and laughing
and dancing
no matter what happens.

This moment, where you are aware of God’s embrace
this moment, where you feel his strong hands hold you close
and keep you safe
this moment, where everything else around you seems to fade
in comparison to his awesome, powerful and beautiful presence and grace
this moment, where you know nothing else really matters
because life is real and beautiful and true
no matter how you do
there’s always a second chance
there’s always a new day
so remember this moment where you are sure beyond a doubt
that everything is gonna be ok.

Remember this moment.
Remember the joy.
Remember the good things.
And you’re fears will go away.

Let’s go for a walk together

maybe its too early to say I love you
maybe its too soon to know what that really means
maybe its premature to allow such strong emotion
maybe its a mixture of reality and dreams

maybe this wont last and there’ll be no forever
maybe we’ll just talk and then go seperate ways
maybe there is no “us” and we will never be together
maybe this is just a moment, just a phase

maybe you and I will just be friends, be brothers
maybe thats all we were ever meant to be
maybe we will not be one as lovers
maybe, but its an end I can’t yet see

maybe we will never marry
at least not me you or you me
maybe, but there really is no hurry
we’ll figure it out eventually

so let’s just take
one step at a time
go for a walk together
get to know each other
listen to silence
holding hands
let’s find out where we each of us is at
and where we’re both heading
see if the other understands
and then decide, but all in good time,
if we want to combine both our life plans.

If heaven is for real

If heaven is for real
will I see you there?
See you there?
If heaven is for real
will I see you there?
see you there
see you there

Some people think
that everyone can just go in
its for big and small
and young and old
and everyone
no matter what you done
no mater what you doing
everyone is welcome welcome come on in
but is that true?
Is that true?
is that really really true?
what’s the deal?

if heaven is for real
will I see you there?
see you there?
if heaven is for real
will I see you there
will I see you there
what’s the deal?

other people claim
that its all just a myth
that place don’t exist
it ain’t for real
when we die its over
but is that true?
is that true
is that really really true
what’s the deal?

if heaven is for real
will I see you there?
see you there?
if heaven is for real
will I see you there
will I see you there
what’s the deal?

Now I believe in God
in heaven and in hell
the Bible teaches me
that both are very very real
hell a place of torment
and heaven paradise
a place of love, light, peace and joy
it totally blows my mind

now I could never enter
with all the wrong I’ve done
but God’s love is so great
he gave Jesus, his son
that I might go in
forgiven and free from sin
my debt all paid
my life remade
all fear is gone
I live because of Jesus Christ
the battle’s won

So I know heaven is real
yes I know heaven is real
will I see you there?
will I see you there?
I know heaven is real
Will I see you there?
would love to see you there

would so love to see you there


Hey hey Leute
es ist schon wieder so weit
die schöne Weihnachtszeit
was rennt ihr rum
mit solch müden Gesichtern

hey hey Leute
alle sind gestresst
von dem Familienfest
und rennen rum
suchen nach Geschenken
wollen ja an alles denken

Die Stadt ist schön geschmückt
mit tausenden von Lichtern
am sechsten sieht man schon
den Nikolaus bei den Kindern
Stiefel werden vollgemacht
mit süßen Leckereien
Plätzchenduft verbreitet sich
nicht nur in Bäckereien

Doch wisst ihr liebe Leut
worum es eigentlich wirklich geht?
Bei diesem schönen Fest
zählt weder Santa noch das hübsche Paket
bitte kommt doch näher ran
dann erzähl ich euch womit alles begann

Vor mehr als 2000 Jahren
kam Gott zu uns auf die Welt
als Baby wurde er geboren
ein unscheinbarer Held
doch damals schon war es Gottes Plan
durch ihn großes zu vollbringen
und zu retten jedermann
sollte ihm am Kreuz gelingen

Retten weil wir jeden Tag
rebellieren gegen Gott
durch Lügen, Stehlen, Ungehorsam
machen wir Ihn zum Spott
wir verdienen selbst die Strafe
doch Gott nimmt sie auf sich
am Kreuz bezahlte Jesus
den Preis für dich und für mich

Hey hey Leute
es ist an der Zeit
bist du bereit
das Geschenk Gottes anzunehmen?

Hey hey Leute
ich hab es selbst erlebt
Er bringt Friede, Freude, Hoffnung
seine Liebe belebt

Er hat sein Leben hingegeben
und deins wird neugemacht
wenn du ihn bittest um Vergebung
und ihm nachfolgst jeden Tag

Nimm doch an was ER getan hat und entscheide dich für IHN
Dann hast du wahren Grund zum feiern
an diesem schönen Weihnachtstag
Dann hast du wahren Grund zum feiern
an diesem schönen Weihnachtstag

*Gedanken, Veränderungsvorschläge usw. willkommen wenn sie auch vielleicht nicht umgesetzt werden  =D

Delightful inconvenience

Río Manzanares(following attempt at poetry is not to be taken too seriously)

I so wanted to go for a run
despite the cold and lack of sun
so trainers on and off I went
out the door, around the bend
yet forgotten had I in my zeal
that I’d only just enjoyed a meal
and by the time I reached the river
I felt a strangeness in my liver
soon realising what was at fault
I gave up the run and slowed down to a stroll
what disappointment, oh what a shame!
Frustrated I was, with only myself to blame!

Yet what surprise of pleasant nature
I began to enjoy my little adventure
for walking leisurely, walking slow
I noticed the city lights aglow
and pretty reflections in the water
laughing children, an inline skater
some birds in the sky and some happily swimming
a group of boys walking by, grinning
the beautiful cathedral and palace grand
a couple walking hand in hand
a boy chasing after a bright orange football
the old train station and busy shopping mall
so much to see, so much to enjoy
things I would never have noticed, just running by…

Additional note: Maybe I would have enjoyed the sights running too, but I would surely have missed a lot. It made me think of how hectic our lives sometimes are and how its so important to slow down once in a while and to just savour the moment, enjoy the view instead of always rushing by…

I did end up running on the way back home though which was fun and just as beautiful since by then it was dark and even more lights were on so the bridges along the river and a lot of the buildings looked rather pretty =)