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How it all began…ERASMUS in Spain             Travel Posts: Discovering Places

Christmas in Madrid                                                a glimpse of New York

ERASMUS = Party?                                                   ¡Viva México!

Not just a fish…and Salida 529                              A whole new world

chapulineshmm                                     Wedding_Card

Food Culture: culinary experiences              On life, faith, relationships

Food Culture: The Snail Challenge                      Do you think you’re beautiful?

The oil-yumminess-ratio                                      Jesus is King

FOOD CULTURE: Chapulines                                What if he never comes?

Tortilla Española                                                      A choice you make


IMG_3967       ojos

Poetry                                                                    Just for laughs

An ode to solitude                                                The drink YOU need!

Experiencing beauty                                            On the scarcity of gentlemen…

Let’s go for a walk together                               Only the best for your skin



ALL POSTS in chronological Order

2012 (Madrid, Spain)

Hello world! Hola amigos =)

Wheels not Wings

On the scarcity of gentlemen…or how not to remain a damsel in distress

The drink YOU need!

Surprising Diagnosis

About Family and holidays

Only the best for your skin

Rather German?

Passierschein A 38

New Year’s Resolutions

ERASMUS = Party?

Truth hurts – or a win-win-situation?

the perfect lecture?


Not just a fish…and Salida 529


Adventstimmung – in the mood for advent

Farolitos – St. Martin in Madrid


A sleepless linguist’s musings…

¿Qué es esto?

Buying time

It’s just a red box

A whole new world

A piece of cake…


Christmas in Madrid

2013 (Madrid, Spain and Freiburg, Germany)

Feliz Año Nuevo 2013!

It’s a battle

Let’s run this race!

Delightful inconvenience


Half Time

Going home – leaving home?

Alemania – a birthday holiday!


Pray for your city

The whole world!

The best laid plans…

Branching out…or pasta with tomato sauce

Tortilla Española

Madrid te quiero

On marriage and running

Somos Luz – Retiro de Ignition 2013

There’s a first time for everything!

Here and now – or a time for everything

I dare you to jump OR the right time for sex?

Give and Serve

My cup overflows

Incredible Love

Fear and Failure

Empty canvas


Picking up where you left off


2014 (Germany and Mexico)


Why I like Valentine’s Day…

Because I truly believe it

You’re precious

The oil-yumminess-ratio

God loves you

Amazing Grace inspires obedience

Like children

Look on the bright side…

Paperwork and to-do-lists

crossing the ocean – a glimpse of New York

¡Viva México!

FOOD CULTURE: Chapulines

Wait a second…am I home?

¿qué es…?

A choice you make

What if he never comes? OR: Set an example.

If heaven is for real


On studying

Let’s go for a walk together

Remember this moment

Identity in Jesus.

Jesus is King

Experiencing beauty

An ode to solitude

Unfaithful love

Do you think you’re beautiful?

It’s just another tour


Happy late new year

Food Culture: The Snail Challenge

On writing, life and blogging

Loving at a distance

Discovering: the famous Blautopf

Sleeping underneath the stars

Discovering: High Class Camping in the Black Forest